New Foundation is committed to affordable mortgage loans for homeowners. We simplify your loan by guiding you through the process from application to closing.

The advantage we have over other mortgage lenders is that we are completely local.

New Foundation now has the ability to sell loans to the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati.  This allows us to offer more competitive rates, while retaining the servicing of the loan.   We continue to service all loans that we make.

If you have a questions about your loan, your call to New Foundation will be answered not at a distant call center, but by our experienced staff at our local office.

In addition to first mortgage loans to homeowners, New Foundation offers Home Equity Lines of Credit. These can be used for home improvements, major purchases, debt consolidation or other personal needs.

Because we look at each loan individually, we are more flexible than larger lenders. We are able to help you design a loan that meets your needs and expectations.

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• Residential First Mortgages
• Residential Second Mortgages
• Home Equity Line of Credit
• Land Loans
• Construction Loans
• Non-Owner Occupied Property